Terms of Use

Please address all questions pertaining to these Terms of Use to info@OutboundMusic.com.


Outbound Music: Us; Tree of Moreh Publishing, Inc. doing business as OutboundMusic.com.
Artists: The Recording Artists or Record Labels who are cataloged with Outbound Music.
Users: Visitors to the Outbound Music website other than Artists and Outbound Music staff.
Users(13): Users who are under 13 years old and are supervised by a parent or guardian.

Outbound Music reserves the right to changes these Terms of Use (TOU) at any time in response to changes in the appropriate governing laws and technology.

Site Ownership / Intellectual Property

Outbound Music owns this website, its supporting software, its supporting database and all graphical and intellectual contents on the website that is not owned by Advertisers or Artists. The music on this website and in our database is owned by the Artists. The Artists, through their agreement with us, have granted us a limited license covering all relevant copyrights allowing us to use their music and to also license that music to third-parties and administer that license.

User Eligibility

All those who can lawfully enter into a contract may use all features of this site under the conditions outlined below.

Those between the age of 13 and 18 may also use all the features of this site but only under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

Those below the age of 13 and who are supervised by a parent or legal guardian may listen to the music and stories on our "Just for Kids" Internet Radio channel; they are not eligible to use any other feature.

User License

Users may freely view the content of the Outbound Music website, freely listen to the Internet Radio streams, freely listen to Artists' song clips, use the search engines on the website and purchase merchandise.

Users(13) may listen to the "Just for Kids" channel if the channel is available. They may not use any of the other features or services that Outbound Music offers.

Users may not attempt to delete content, disrupt the features of the website or disrupt the business of Outbound Music.

Users may not copy or make derivative works of any of the material on the Outbound Music website unless specifically authorized to do so.

Those who attempt the actions outlined in 3-c and 3-d may be subject to criminal and civil penalties.

User Purchases

The first time a user makes a purchase from the Outbound Music website they are given a User Name and Password and an account is created for them where they can view a record of their purchases.

Digital Downloads:
A record will be kept of all digital download purchases in the User's account. If the user accidentally deletes or otherwise loses the download they purchased, they can log onto their account and download the file again- at no extra charge.

Mail Order:
A record will be kept of all mail order purchases in the User's account. If the item purchased is received damaged and the Users informs Outbound Music within 30 days of the purchase Outbound Music will either ship a replacement item or refund the Users money once we receive the damaged item back. If the User informs Outbound Music beyond the 30 day period, it will be solely at Outbound Music discretion whether or not a replacement is sent or a refund is made.

Music Submissions

There are currently three ways that Outbound Music accepts music submissions; directly through the Outbound Music website, through opportunities listed with services such as Musicxray.com and by direct invitation by one of our designated agents.

There is a $10 non-refundable submission fee if the submission is through the Outbound Music website. Other services, such as Musicxray.com, charge a submission fee which is determined and administered by them. If a submission is referred to Outbound Music by one of our designated agents then there is no submission fee required.

Submissions may be made by the Recording Artist, Recording Band or their designated legal agent.

Outbound Music will be the final arbiter on whether a submission is accepted or not. In general we are looking for music that is well produced, arranged, and crafted, is melodically and lyrically interesting and has appropriate content- that is, it does not promote or glorify hatred, bigotry, violence or other harmful attitudes or behavior.

If a submission is rejected the recording artist or band is free to submit other songs for consideration at a later time.

If a submission is accepted the legal owner of the music work will be invited to catalog that music plus all other songs or music projects that they also own. Once the submission owner agrees to the Artist/Outbound Music "Agreement for Service" they will become an Outbound Music cataloged Artist.