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Reaper Sound Records

Reaper Sound Records
Reaper sound records is the first music label in Algeria !

Artistic & cultural atmosphere in Algeria is quasi-Virgin, which arouses our problems: why the Algerian music is so poor? We deem poor which is exposed in the first place, these large scenes with groups that make the bad music, not enough worked, but also the lack of good producers in music.

At the same time, there is a lot of hidden talent, most have not .Where repeat, and where record their music, but we are talking about especially a good recording and a good production that meets the international references in the material.

The idea of the project is the solution to this problem, a music label, which offers to the times, new heads and now talent in the arts scene of Algeria, but which also exposes our potential abroad.

At the same time, it will be a source of income for the artist, who will finally be able to sell his music through our platform for online sales.

- What concept of service is question?

We are talking about revolutionary concept, for the first time in Algeria and in Africa, a music label will be proposed, in other words our different services will be:

- The discovery of talent

- accompanying artists throughout their careers

- Their promotion through scenes and musical events various

- A good production and an online sale of the albums and music

- Niche repeats for the needy

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