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Ingvi Thor Kormaksson is an Icelandic songwriter with 12 albums to his credit, 4 of which are performed by JJ Soul Band, co-written by UK singer/songwriter, JJ Soul. The band´s music can be described as being on the boundaries of blues, jazz and funk (blues-(con)fusion).
Ingvi's 2012 album in collaboration with JJ Soul is Latin Faculty-LatĂ­nudeildin (2012). Both groups, JJ Soul Band and Latin Faculty, can be found on Reverbnation and with Outbound Music.

Ingvi has also written music for Icelandic vocalists (pop-latin-folk-jazz). Altogether; he has had more than 170 of his compositions recorded by various artists. He's mostly written in the AC genre. Jazzy chord progressions, blues, bossanova and samba rhythms are often featured in his music but sometimes folk music traditions can also be heard.

Also we have here a few instrumental tracks arranged by saxophone player
Stefan S. Stefansson and performed by his band in the categories of smooth-jazz/latin. Ingvi and Stefan will hopefully have a new Funk/Smooth Jazz album out in 2018 which will include tracks written by both Kormaksson and Stefansson.
On an album called "Laghent" (2016) Ingvi teams up with jazz piano player, Agnar Mar Magnusson who performs Ingvi's solo piano pieces.

Gugga Lisa is an Icelandic (gospel) singer, Berglind Bjork is an Icelandic singer.

Ingvi's "label" is called Hrynjandi (Icelandic), which among other things means "groove".

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