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William Larson

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For most of my life I wanted to be a songwriter. Even as a child, I had new tunes come into my mind often and for some time thought that every child experienced the same phenomenon.

My adult life was busy with college, grad school and work in the Lutheran Church. For several years I wrote grants for nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. (and continue to do so in retirement). Retirement has given me the freedom and opportunity to write and produce music, which is something I have always wanted to do.

I have enjoyed a life of service to others, but in so many ways I wish I had started writing and producing music years ago. I am enjoying my new career in music and hope I will be given many years to develop my craft.

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A collection of single songs from William Larson
A Place I've Come to Know
Upon the Cross
Jill's Song (I'll Remember You)
Just Believe in Love

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