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Vee Cantadeu

Vee Cantadeu

Vee Cantadeu is: Solo Singer and Songwriter

I was born as Swiss abroad in Heidelberg, West-Germany. It wasn‘t until I‘d turned 17 that I came to Switzerland. My father was a trombone player and always very sceptical towards classical singing and piano playing. No wonder that after successful starts with the wooden flute at age 7 my first „big“ instrument I was allowed to learn at age 10 was the slide trombone. Only 6 weeks later I became member of the local church‘s youth brass band, which opened up to me the world of churchmusic.

In Switzerland, as the one and only female trombonist of the „Stadtmusik Olten“ - the brass band of the city of Olten - I got to know the music scene of the Swiss brass and marching bands. In the years to follow I kept on playing trombone also in several other brass bands in other Swiss areas until I decided to become a singer.

At the age of 20 I took my first singing lesson. Quite late considering that I‘d sung and performed already a lot with different choirs at all the places I‘d been living before like school, youth and church choirs.
My first voice trainer was KS Maria Rehm in Konstanz, Germany.

This successful start was interrupted by having to move to Zurich. Nevertheless I kept on with further lessons with American opera singers at the Zurich Opera House. This until I was brought together with Prof. KS Helga Kosta, one of the most prolific opera singers there is, a friend and comparable equal to Elisabeth Schwarzkopf.
Prof. KS Helga Kosta who is internationally known as „Swiss Nightingale“ especially via Radio RIAS Berlin became and stayed my tutor.

Although I like classical music I'm also very much interested in spiritual as well as contemporary music.
Through the years I sang all types of styles: musical and film songs, gospel, country, folk, blues, pop ballads, jazz standards, evergreens, chansons and so on - you name it - all but pieces needing a rough smokey voice, as mine has the specialty of being crystal clear.

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I am light

I am light

Released: Feb, 06 2014

Healing sounds of music: angelic voice and synthesizer creating wonderful vacations for the soul, floating short trip to heaven with relaxing yet energizing return back down to earth
Playback Freedom
I am light
I am what I am
Thank You
I'm singing a new song to God
Playback A&O
Playback I am light
Playback I am what I am
Playback Oneness
Playback Thank You
Playback I'm singing a new song to God

The newest field of music I stepped in is Latin especially "Chicha" or Cumbia, Chacha, Bolero and some Salsa and Bossa Nova e.g.. It's fun although getting the Spanish lyrics always right is a bit tricky as a non Spanish speaking European.

In a way this kind of music is diametrical contrary to the quiet, peaceful kind of spiritual music I've created myself. But I like extremes. To me it matches like Yin and Yang to keep the balance.
I just started using MIDI technology to perform Latin songs via my keyboard with me singing and my percussionist Jesus Justo Apaza playing cajon, bongos or kongas.

If you visit my website: www.veecantadeu.com you might get an idea of the many styles of my repertoire. What misses is a broader choice of demo songs to listen into. So far only my classical side is well represented. For this year new demo recordings are planned, let's see how far I get with finally placing some of them on the website...

May be I even find time to write new pieces on my own :-)

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