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Tony Dancy is: Tony Dancy

Tony Dancy's career spans from his 1968 regional hit "Little by Little", to Hollywood staff writer in the 70's, session singer/musician for many well known artists, plus music director for several successful bands over the years - a working musician since the 60's.

Songwriter, singer, vocal arranger, musician, he has written hundreds of well crafted Pop tunes focusing on vocals, harmonies, and catchy melodies.

Tony has four CDs of original tunes out now, the latest is an album of his unique vision of smooth jazz.

"Little by Little" Tony's Tygers 1968
"A Hopeless Romantic" Tony Dancy 1999
"Midnight Dancing" Tony Dancy 2004
"The Tygers Second Album" The Tygers 2010
"Some Kinda Jazzy Poppy Jazz" Tony Dancy 2013

Album Sessions
"Meet Andy & David Williams" 1973
"Photoglo" Jim Photoglo 1980
Eddie Del Barrio/Dianne Reeves 1980 (not released)
"Cookin With Sarah," Sarah Rawls 1983

"Can't Believe/I Still Love Her" Tony's Tygers 1968
"Little by Little/Days and Nights" Tony's Tygers 1968
"Debbie on My Mind/I'll Know" Tony's Tygers 1969
"Sing It Altogether/Resurrection" Tony's Tygers 1969
"Headaches Heartaches/Castaway" Passion 1971
"Everything I Do" Brady Bunch 1973
"Everything I Do/Take My Hand" Manilla Machine 1973

"The Brady Bunch" 1972
"Flintstones Comedy Hour" 1972
"Breakaway" TV Pilot with William Shatner 1977
"Tommy Tugboat" for Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 (unfortunately pulled at the last moment)

ABOUT "Some Kinda Jazzy Poppy Jazz"
Tony says, "I generally write pop music; last year was my first foray into composing jazz tunes. Surprisingly, it came so naturally that it will not be my last."

The record was produced by Al Jarreau's music director, Joe Turano, who also plays sax and keys on the tracks. Ambrosia's Burleigh Drummond plays drums on the track titled "Gypsy Johnny", while the remainder of the drum tracks were handled by Milwaukee ace drummer Reggie Bordeaux, son of local jazz legend, the late Baltimore Bordeaux. Milwaukee veteran bassist Eric Hervey fills out the low end. Tony Dancy, guitar tracks, except for the solo on "Joyce Is Not Here", which is covered by Salami Studios owner Gary Falcone. His daughter, Francesca's, soulful voice can be heard in the ending coda of "Resurrection". Novi Novog is featured on viola in "Gypsy Johnny". The record was mixed by Steve Sykes of Rupert House Productions and mastered by Steve Hall of Future Disc Productions.

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Tony Dancy Presents, Some Kinda Jazzy Poppy Jazz

Tony Dancy Presents, Some Kinda Jazzy Poppy Jazz

Released: Dec, 01 2013

1. Dizzy Pears
2. Joyce Is Not Here
3. Sadie's Magic Garden
4. Gypsy Johnny
5. Fade Away
6. Cedaredge Dreamscape
7. Martha's Mood
8. Resurrection

All songs written by Tony Dancy except "Resurrection", written by Tony Dancy and Joe Turano.
Produced by Joe Turano, Tutta Nuda Productions.
Mixed by Steve Sykes, Rupert House Productions.
Mastered by Steve Hall, Future Disc Productions.
Joe Turano - saxophones, keyboards, flute, accordion, accordina, percussion, vocals (on "Resurrection")
Tony Dancy - guitars, percussion, strings, vocals (on "Resurrection")
Eric Hervey - bass guitar
Reggie Bordeaux - drums (except on "Gypsy Johnny")
Burleigh Drummond - drums (on "Gypsy Johnny")
Novi Novog - viola
Gary Falcone - guitar solo (on "Joyce Is Not Here")
Francesca Falcone - vocals (on "Resurrection")
All songs © Tony Dancy, except "Resurrection" © Dandelion Music
Dizzy Pears
Joyce Is Not Here
Sadie's Magic Garden
Gypsy Johnny
Fade Away
Cedaredge Dreamscape
Martha's Mood

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