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Tiffany Sinko is: Singer, writer, musician who teams with Joel Piper - Producer, David Brockenborough - Bass, Doug Smith - Drums

Tiffany is above all a lover of music. She is furthermore a musician, singer, song writer, and artist. Tiffany has been pursuing a life in music since age 12 when she started singing and playing in church. She started her own band and released an independent EP by age 16 and wrote an independent album by age 18. She has played many successful shows in many different venues, and developed a presence in the music world as a front woman. Now, having turned 20, Tiffany is molding and creating a new sound that defines her and speaks to the people who listen. Tiffany is adding something new and exciting to the world of music.

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Released: Jan, 29 2016

Anchored is a 4 song solo project by Tiffany Sinko.
Christian & Gospel, Music, Pop
Choose You

Of Eyes That See

Of Eyes That See

Released: Nov, 04 2014

Of Eyes That See band project album written by Tiffany Sinko.
Christian Alternative Rock
Dangerous Love
Endlessly (ft Joel Piper)
Take Me Away
All That You Need
Walking on Air
Bittersweet As Rain
Through The Flames

Empty Shadows

Empty Shadows

Released: Jan, 13 2013

Empty Shadows band project EP written by Tiffany Sinko.
Christian Rock
Breathe Again
Empty Shadows
Haunting Me
Serenity (ft Joel Piper)


14 Mar Rockefellas Show
13 Sep Rock the Boat Show
30 Aug Joshua Fest 2014
09 Aug Concert at the Bridge
12 Jul OETS // ABOUND in Santa Monica
09 Jul OETS at Clash City Studios Riverside w/ Fighting The Villain, Particles Like Planets
27 Jun OETS // X103.9 Concert at Chino Hills Shoppes
21 Jun Of Eyes That See / The Downtown Fiction at Chain Reaction
12 Jun Of Eyes That See at HOB Hollywood
05 Jun OETS at Rockefella's Corona
29 May OETS at Chain Reaction
23 May Of Eyes That See at Whisky A Go Go
10 May Of Eyes That See, Levi The Poet at The Gate in Bakersfield, CA
01 May Of Eyes That See, Alevela, Girl On Fire at the Slidebar
25 Apr Of Eyes That See at Rockefella's
21 Mar OF EYES THAT SEE at Rockefella's
16 Mar DiPiazza's Show
01 Sep Of Eyes That See at Malone's Bar & Grill
11 Aug Of Eyes That See Filmed Live!
11 Aug Of Eyes That See at Live at Malones Bar And Grill
02 Aug Of Eyes That See at Spirit West Coast
25 Jul Of Eyes That See at Gaslamp Restaurant and Bar

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