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Sunday Mitsuru is: Sunday Mitsuru

"Sunday" Mitsuru Fukasawa - Night in Ganymede -

Born in Tokyo, Sunday Mitsuru's past has been as intergalatic as the music he has produced over the past decade. Working with such legendary artists such as Joe Sample, Wilton Felder & Stix Hooper ( The Crusaders), Alex Acuna (Weather Report), Chuck Rainey (legendary session bassist), Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare, Sea Wind, Babel Gilberto, Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper, Billy Preston, and Mery Clayton, Mitsuru has taken the road less traveled by most artists.

At the age of seventeen, Mitsuru was already working as a drummer for a Japanese studio. After many gigs in Japan, Mitsuru quickly learned to program Analog synthesizers and began working as programmer with over 100 artists and musicians including several well-known artists in Japan.

In 1985, he felt his talents needed a more international flavor. Mitsuru moved to Los Angeles and established Press On Productions with legendary jazz/funk guitarist David T. Walker. Mitsuru produced over 30 jazz-fusion albums and worked with David T. Walker's band, "Warm Heart," which also included James Gadson (drums), Jerry Peters (keyboards), and Scott Edwards (bass).

In the mid 1990's, Mitsuru's transition into electronica beagn taking place. With roots in jazz-fusion, Mitsuru's steps into elctronica were an expression of a single soulful artist with one sound performed by one artist. With only a sampler and his computer, Mitsuru opened "Valley of the Moon Studios" in Silver Lake, CA.

In 1999, Mitsuru formed an art group simply called "Ultralights" and produced his first Future Jazz CD entitled, "Eclipsing The Past" which was released by Shadow Records. Shortly after the release of "Eclipsing The Past", Shadow / Instinct records also released four compilation CDs that featured his track. "Supernova" which placed in Carl Craig's Mix CD "Onsumotahasheeat" And "Night In Ganymede" which placed in the Top Five in the Jazz Category of The John Lennon Song Writing Contest in 1999.
Which also featured in URB magazine Sampler CD #2009.

Currently, Mitsuru is working on several different projects (Including Movie soundtracks such as "Dinner Rush" directed by: Bob Giraldi, Animation movie soundtracks, TV-advertisement, Remix) that have taken him from the studio room to interactive media.
When one visits the website www.goultralightsgo.com, users are tantalized with the creative images and storelines of a super hero sado-mashochist with a Star Wars twist humursly called "Sex Slave Decalogue". Also, Mitsuru's music featured on special animation movie series called "Invisible" which made for Japanese-sake brewing company, Tateyama Brewing Co., Ltd. since 2009, and now on season 5 in 2014. Soothing rhythms and bass lines combined with tell-tale melodies, Mitsuru's artwork for the ears is a testament of this artist's talents and diverse range of influences.

Beside a musician/composer, Mitsuru keep producing other musicians, and album projects. Recently he had co-produced & recording direction for Hawaiian music album with Grammy award winning Hawaiian slack key guitarist Jeff Peterson.

On April 2014, Sunday Mitsuru's brand new album "LA Moonshine" released for digital download. Legendary soul/funk guitarist David T. Walker guested on one song called "Living With A Smile" !

On January 2018, Talented singer/songwriter Natasha Remi's debut album is released, which Mitsuru produced, arranged, co-writing, and performed on all tracks. Also, David T. Walker plays guitar on couple tracks.

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