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Thank you for joining me and experiencing some of my musical ideas. Let me tell you a little about myself. I started in music by learning the piano at the age of five through the Royal Conservatory. While I learned theory, technique etc., it was my father that guided me in how to use that music knowledge and apply it to 'music'. My father had a music business, so I had the fortunate opportunity to learn other instruments along the way. Of those, the guitar was the instrument I enjoyed the most. After taking some formal lessons on classical guitar I pursued my love of jazz and for a short time played locally in the Ottawa area.
Other pursuits in my father's business and later my own business in the music field kept me away from playing for a number of years. However, several years ago my interest in playing was rekindled and recently after being pushed by fellow musicians, I came out with my first album 'Bright Start' in 2007. Since then, I've realized that writing music is really what I love doing most.
My criteria is writing and selling to other artists and producers. Laurel Moore has as an example, written and performed lyrics to some of my tunes which led to the production of the 'Shadows of Light' album. Much to our delight, it won an Akademia award for Best Jazz Album. Since then, several of my songs have earned music awards throughout the industry. I keep writing and 'knock wood', have enjoyed reaching those listeners who have embraced and supported my work.
I'm now collaborating with production studios and artists. Several of my songs have and are being aired on radio worldwide and as well, other of my work is signed with publishing firms from Nashville, Chicago, L.A., etc.
I hope you enjoy the music and happy listening.

Steve Parisien

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Let's Ask The Night
You Know Nothin'
Hot Night at C.C.'s
From Mist to Blue
So Much More
Dance The Night Away
Can't Get Over You
Spend A Little Time With Me a.k.a. (September Swing)
Walking With You
Touch of Tenderness
Special Request
Hello Friends
September Swing

Just released my latest jazz tune called 'Hot Night at C.C.'s (Cuates & Cuetes) which is the major jazz entertainment spot in Puerto Vallarta. I had the privilege of performing there along with great guitarist, Willow Brizio this past march at their jazz festival week. This was the main inspiration for me in writing and recording this tune.
I hope you all enjoy it and happy listening

Steve Parisien

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