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Don't Let Me Drown


We were on the Unified Reach Network this morning conducting a interview about our music. All went well guys, God I'd good!

Spiritual Misfitz is: Like to give credit to Jesus Christ for allowing us to this, and David Wright for giving us a opportunity to do what we do.

We are the Spiritual Misfitz.  What is a Misfit?  A Misfit is anyone who does not fit the norm.  As Christians, we are an outcast according to society; which by definition makes us Misfitz.  We are a Christian hip hop group that resides from Meridian, MS.  We moved to Tampa Bay, FL in 2016, became filled with the fire, started saving the lost, and formed the Spiritual Misfitz as a way to reach the lost.  Well, here we are, looking very Misfitish.  Always remember…He who wins souls is wise.

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