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Sky Genie Music is: Sky Genie Music - Barry Findlater & Denise Dixon

Sky Genie Music consists of songwriters , singers, musicians.

We are committed to creating original music.

We welcome all styles.

We bring you music performed by talented artists who make music for the love of the craft.

Barry Findlater and Denise 'Denni' Dixon have collaborated to bring you music that's not from 'the factory' of the stereotypical 'music industry formulas'.

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Official Website:

http://facebook.com/sky genie music



Artist Singles


A collection of single songs from Sky Genie Music
Jamaican For A Day
Christmas Cheer
All Shook Up
You (Edited)
Unkind (Instrumental)
Crazy Day
Internet Intimate
The One I've Waited For (slow)
The One I've Waited For (Uptempo)
will You Be Mine
Santa's Coming Over
The Box
Everywhere You go

We are excited to announce the release of two new singles.

The Box - by Denni (written and co-produced by Denni)
(The Box tells a story of self preservation ..defiance..and strength in the face of untold soul assaults and injustices. Denni delivers a performance with vulnerability....sadness...while skillfully providing the listener with a sense of strength and hopefulness.
We are left with the belief that the singer will remain defiant against the forces that attempt to wear on her resolve.)

Everywhere You Go- vocals performed by Nathan Nasby
(Energetic rhythms and superb vocals highlight this catchy reggae tune.)

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