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Sean Dirty

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Sean Dirty is: Sean Dirty

The unique energy created through Sean dirty is a balance of reality, honesty, inspiration, and awareness. His artistry is demonstrated as a form of release and freedom from negativity, and only through growth and experience can this foundation come alive. Sean D has a relentless enthusiasm toward motivating others while maintaining the authenticity of his art.

Sean grew up in the suburbs of Houston Texas, surrounded by music of all genres. In the midst of his music industry mother, who eventually created and owns outbound music, Dirty was introduced to rap by a childhood friend on the school bus at the age of 9. He was a painter discovering his canvas. Sean kept an open mind when it came to music which led to influences including scarface, ma$e, sublime, 30 foot fall, operation ivy, chamilliinaire, S.U.C, Nas, Eminem, Nofx, and Dr. Dre.

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A collection of single songs from Sean Dirty
Dirty, Dirty
Free Game
Head First
Dirty, Dirty (uncensored)
Free Game (uncensored)

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