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Richard Zeier

Richard Zeier is:

Composer | Producer | Hollywood, California.

As a guitarist/bassist, I love the interaction of playing with other musicians in a live band situation, but when it comes to composing a new piece of music in the studio, I need the flexibility that only a virtual band can provide. Fortunately, modern technology has placed an entire symphony orchestra at my fingertips, along with every drum kit and guitar amp imaginable, not to mention the vast array of synthesizers.

I’m a total nerd when it comes to electronics and have been designing and building my own equipment for almost as long as I’ve been playing guitar. A quick look around the studio and you’ll see custom built computers that get upgraded one piece at a time instead of just being replaced by a newer model. There are hand-built mic pres, a vintage analog console that has been extensively modified by yours truly, and my own design, the” Axe Integrator”, a high-end guitar/bass preamp that is available on the retail market.

What’s driven me to continue building and developing this studio has been to create a workspace where anything that I can imagine is possible. However, the challenges presented by the learning curve that comes with each new piece of gear and software has been eclipsed only by the challenge of finding time to master the tools, and still have time left to create with them.

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A collection of single songs from Richard Zeier
Slipping Out The Back
Depth Perception
Foreign Exchange
Anything's Possible
Living My Life in Someone else's dreams
Z Factor
Epicurean's Last Dance



Released: Mar, 01 2006

Mostly Instrumental, this album covers a lot of ground genre-wise. Richard's trademark electric and acoustic guitar work is featured on most of the tracks, with a variety of rhythms that incorporate live Rock grooves and elements of Electronica.

What really gives this album a "Cinematic" flavor is the extensive use of orchestra. Occasionally pure orchestra, but more often a hybrid mix of textures that place it solidly in the 21st century. While some o the tracks explore uncharted territory, the music always remains accessible and an adventurous listening experience.
Rainbow Nebula
The Journey
Q Blaze
First Light
Z Factor
Who You Are
Cloud Painter
Rite of Passage
Ne World

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