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Rachel Tulane is:

With a voice often compared to Joni Mitchell's and a zeal for words, Rachel Tulane infuses pop craft with lyrical ambiguity to create relatable, emotionally-compelling gems. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, the 20 year old has been performing for thirteen years. As her musical background originated with theater, it wasn’t until she was sixteen that Rachel picked up the guitar and discovered her passion for writing and arranging music. Since then, she has been playing throughout Atlanta. Rachel Tulane identifies her music to be of the Soft Rock genre with folk, jazz, and R&B/Soul influences, and her vocal sound has been described as soulful, distinct, unassuming, pure, and mesmerizing. She has many more originals in the works!

Eva Cassidy, Allen Stone, Regina Spektor, Fleetwood Mac, Norah Jones, The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Crosby Stills and Nash, Billy Joel, NeedToBreathe, Eric Hutchinson, April Smith and the Great Picture Show, Billy Holiday, Crowded House, Michael Buble, KT Tunstall, Paolo Nutini, Don McLean.

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Chasing Tides

Chasing Tides

Released: Jan, 04 2017

Rachel Tulane's message about Chasing Tides:

"The theme of Chasing Tides is the goal of finding fulfillment, which we all share as individuals; we seek it in a variety of ways, but only find satisfaction for a short while. People let us down. Moments slip away. Opportunities diminish. Yet we still seek truth and beauty, knowing deep down that a steadfast fulfillment to our wistfulness exists. Will we find it? And where? Here are seven expressions of this idea, and I hope they speak to you.

I thought 'Dust In The Wind' would make a very appropriate introduction to the album. It’s about how everything we seek in this life- even time itself— is constantly fleeting and changing at every moment. Yet we live like we own the world, and like it is all we exist for. But truly none of these things last forever.

'Moon River' is a classic that describes wanderlust- a longing to explore. A longing to experience adventure and change in life.

'Why I Don't Mind' speaks of this growing fondness for a person, a friend. It entails thoughts— that are pleading to be heard— of admiration for all of the little things about him/her. At the same time, you try your hardest to repress them, in fear of meddling with how great things already are. It’s very “still waters run deep” and like reaching for something beautiful that you feel compelled to touch, yet are afraid to ripple.

Just when you've finally found 'Waldo', you come to find also that there's another page after that... until eventually, it gets old, and you've sworn off the search altogether. Ha. Easier said than done.

'Think of Me': Come on, now… No explanation necessary for this one. But it’s bittersweet. And timelessly relatable.

'Still Restless' is my personal favorite. It serves as a reminder for anyone else who is often 'anxious and worried about many things', always holding a ceaseless to-do-list and rushing after temporary acclaim. A reminder that you are loved beyond reason."
Dust In The Wind (Intro)
Moon River
Why I Don't Mind
Waldo (Remastered)
Think Of Me
Still Restless

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