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“WE GLOW”—October 21, 2014
HYPERLINK "http://www.ozonna.com" www.ozonna.com
LISTEN TO SINGLE ‘WE GLOW”: https://soundcloud.com/ozonna/we-glow

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: N.Y., N.Y., Oct. 14, 2014
With more than 300,000 views on You Tube, the hit video “Me & You On Top” HYPERLINK "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfBaT2gSe8o" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfBaT2gSe8o elevated the exciting 20-year-old singer-songwriter Ozonna into one of London’s most buzzed-about new artists. His sultry, charismatic voice has been described by KickKickSnare.com as “fragile, yet captivating, eliminating any sense of been-here-before,” and the UK press gushed that his “smooth, silky voice has no flaw.”

Now, Ozonna, who recently moved to New York City, is poised to mesmerize this side of the pond with his highly visual personal style and own songs. Ozonna will release his debut U.S. single digitally, “We Glow,” on October 21st on Airgo Music. Bold and endearing, tough but tender, the next-generation rising star says he makes “positive music for the soul,” and “We Glow” certainly fits that description. “We Glow,” produced by Grammy-nominated Jimmy Greco (Beyonce, Paramore, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus) and hit songwriter/producer Russ DiSalvo (Celine Dion, Trisha Yearwood, Santana), will be released on video in November. An Ozonna album will follow in 2015.

Originally from Nigeria, Ozonna—whose background is in musical theater and who counts Madonna, Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga among his biggest influences—first moved from Africa to London, where he met and worked with noted underground music producers. Inspired by the city, he adapted quickly to London’s ever-changing music scene, which readily embraced his distinctive sound. For Ozonna, the path to greater recognition is rooted in the messages he conveys within his songs.

“The artists that I’m inspired by are storytellers,” he told Examiner.com. “That’s the kind of artist that I am, and that’s what I want people to take away from my music. When I’m writing, I try to convey some kind of a message or something I feel strongly about or am inspired by. I think that’s what connects it.”

Ozonna’s rich writing style and multi-cultural influences have shaped his music into what it is today, a tapestry of deep passion and love, woven from a diverse and exciting personal story. “Music is my motivation,” he said in one interview, and now Ozonna is motivated to bring his electrifying electro-pop sound to America.

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