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Nuclear Lullaby is: Brad Hunter – Vocals/lead guitar; Charlie Sale – Guitar; Leo Polisena – Bass; Conor Wilkinson - Drums

Formed in 2014 in South Wales, Nuclear Lullaby have played a number of gigs and festivals in their short existence and produced an album, Keppoch 59, with a variety of songs under the umbrella ‘Alternative Rock’ but which all have their own unique vibe. For example, track one ‘Upgrade’, would suit grunge fans and would not sound amiss on a Nirvana album whereas track three ‘Zeus’ has a late ‘60s/early ‘70s psychedelic vibe.

Team the above mixture of grunge and psychedelia with catchy riffs and seductive vocals and that sums up Nuclear Lullaby in just a few words, oh and throw in the word 'addictive' as well.

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