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I couldn’t tell my story without sharing with you the amazing and talented family I come from. My grandfather, the patriarch of my family, passed away in 2009 but not without leaving a musically talented family. I grew up in a family where harmonies and deep bass boomed at holidays and in church. My passion for singing comes naturally and is one I have had as long as I can remember. The radio and I were close friends during middle school and high school but as time went on, my realities changed. Real life hit and I grew up. I had my first baby at 17, got married, went to college…and my dream seemed so far from my reach…..
Like many young marriages, mine ended in divorce. Sadly, I was young and irresponsible. I lost my home and ultimately my little girls (to their father). As I walked up and down the streets of southern California, all I could do was sing and remember how special my daughters were. Nine months later, my girls were home.
I relocated to Georgia but in 1999, tragedy struck my life. I was brutally attacked and almost murdered. I was hospitalized for a week and after a few months of physical therapy and multiple stitches, I was back on my feet and back to work…..Unfortunately, in 2002, I faced serious health issues and didn’t know which way to turn but I was determined to turn my life around and refused to quit!!!
It seemed I ran into tragedy after tragedy, setback after setback. I thought about how I could give back to the world and when 9/11 happened, I knew… I would pursue my passion for music and give back to the world by enlisting in the Army Band! Little did I know, six months after my training was completed, I would be deployed to Baghdad, Iraq! So I kissed my babies farewell and went off to serve my country…
It was in Iraq that I was informed I would be the lead female vocalist in the ROCK BAND!! That was the most exciting and scary time of my life! The support I received was great because the other troops understood how challenging it was to be deployed AND perform! We sang Evanescence, Pink, Shania Twain and multiple other songs…That was my first real taste of performing and I LOVED it!
After my tenure in the Army band, I decided to complete my degree and earn my commission as an officer in 2007. While I didn’t play music or sing anymore, I never lost sight of my passion for music. I was getting better and having fun however; in 2009 I had hip surgery after discovering I had been running for months with an acetabular fracture (broken hip). I had shoulder surgery in 2010 and C-Spine fusion in 2011. The last surgery resulted in complications that ended my military service. This period was extremely difficult, but the only thing I could do was keep fighting. Making the most out of the situation, I began pursuing my MBA in Management and started my music career…
I chose to combine the music I love; an eclectic hybrid of pop, rock, jazz and alternative that creates an Indie Rock & Pop feel. My sound has been heavily influenced by the instruments and songs played while I was in the Army Band. I’ve released 7 singles and a CD on iTunes, all of which were financed by me and my husband…I don’t see the point in wasting the best years of my life doing something I don’t love. Fortunately, due to outstanding family and fan support, I have continued the pursuit of my dream!

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