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London-based pop singer/songwriter Nadia Marisa unleashes dreamy music that expands the heart and exposes the warm depths of her soulful center. Her songs shimmer with contagious melodies and complex harmonies bubbling up with elements of soul, jazz, folk and the Blues. Nadia’s versatile voice glides through introspective ballads, danceable pop tunes and all the layers in between, delivering heartfelt lyrics about the love, sorrow, transformation and the joys and triumphs of the human experience. Through cathartic live performances and thoughtful recordings, she reveals stories about her magical inner world and encourages others to live their authentic selves, delight in the present moment and expand their imagination.

Born in Switzerland within a family of singers and multi-instrumentalists, Nadia first felt the otherworldly rapture of music while listening to her parents’ extensive record collection. A shy and quiet child, she secretly sang along to soul, R&B, pop and funk by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Simply Red, Roxette and ABBA and was encouraged by her parents to take up piano lessons. She was gifted Celine Dion’s album Let’s Talk about Love at 11, and its energy gave her the courage and inspiration to sing out loud and start to make up her own songs in order to express her emotions. In her teens and early 20s, she fine-tuned her skills further while touring Switzerland with Gospel choirs, singing solos in church and singing and writing new material in local bands with friends. At the same time, she took formal voice and music lessons, exploring music theory, music history as well as classical, jazz, pop and soul repertoire.

At 22, Nadia decided to become a primary school teacher, but kept her eye on a singing career. Four years later, her passion for music overwhelmed her, and she moved to London where she started studying Music Performance and Vocals at London Music School and blazed ahead as a professional singer/songwriter.

Inspired by powerhouses like Alicia Keys, Joss Stone, Adele and Lianna La Havas, Nadia is currently basking in the smooth, refreshing vibes of her newest single, “Summer,” produced by Bilgi Sakarya. The song and its accompanying music video were both released in Summer 2016. In 2014, she released a four-song EP with a full band made up of a talented group of her contemporaries including singers/songwriters Ernesto Alonso and Magda Czula (background vocals) and guitarist Cal Wymann. Her husband also plays keyboards on all her recordings, and the pair has a duo that gigs regularly in London and throughout their home country of Switzerland.

Nadia continues to live, write, record and perform in London while she expands her horizons by experimenting with a multitude of styles and genres that make her spirit sing. “Summer” is available now.

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