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Mark Williams

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Hello I am Mark Williams song writer poet
I live in Pomona CA age 53 started writing at 45 yrs old
my music is to up lift people that need healing and help people get through hard times by calling on Jesus through my lyrics to write the truth of music peaceful music healings the soul

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A collection of single songs from Mark Williams
We've come this Far by faith
Driving in Faith
jesus you are the best thing that ever happen to me
Jesus, got the Miadas touch
Be Grateful
Lord, I believe a change going to come
Train to Glory
Jesus, stands by me
No body but Jesus,
If i die before my time
Father I'll Be knocking on Heavens door
Father i'll be claimbing up Heaven stairway
thin line between love and hate
This is the time
Lord, i surrender
In Our Hearts
Cast your burdens unto the Lord,
Father you"ve been good to me
The Only Father i' d ever known
believe there are miracle
Live your Life
LOrd. your the only one
At the Last Supper
ON any Given Day
YOu got A Faithful friend in Jesus
Lord, i look to you
His Amazing eye

The Only Father i've only know

The Only Father i've only know

Released: May, 02 2018

faith, strength and hope a light of troubled look to Jesus

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