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Mark Hunter is: Leanne Westwood, Vie Watson

I am a studio based songwriter collaborating with friends to polish up a track if a demo is well received. My status is amateur but then Olympic athletes were historically amateurs so we can all inspire the world with our passion.
It is a challenge to generate the right combination of musical and lyrical atmosphere to sufficiently impress a concept or experience upon a listener and leave them enriched in contemplating what they have heard. Simple yet profound is the key within the 3 or 4 minute window a song provides into the consciousness of the audience. The professional critique on my E.P. Road Closed remarked that my lyrics were original and free from cliché which I hope you will agree with as I want to add value to people's experience and not to waste anybody's time with banalities. Also I trust you will find a good variety of melody and style to keep you interested, partly due to writing on both keyboard and guitar for different flavours.
The more powerful a message, the more conviction it draws into our writing, so many of my songs are gospel orientated since that is the worldview which has gripped me the most. However there are other themes common to humanity whatever their view of reality, so there are a good number of love songs and also more general themes to connect with life experience of all.
Since I work full time as a computer programmer I tend to self finance my musical endeavours, so I will continue writing whether or not my songs sell to the public. This does not mean that I do not look for commercial promise as I want the songs to have wide appeal, but I can avoid pressure to needlessly compromise with the raw charm of a song rather than try to impose any winning "hit formula".
Please enjoy and maybe even find yourself humming or singing along as the mood takes you (no extra charge!)
God Bless,
Mark Hunter

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