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Marilyn DeFrange is: Singer/Songwriter - guitar and vocals. Bassist: Fred Tribuzzo ("You Chose Me"). Keyboards: Denis DeFrange ("Tell Me The Truth" and "Hold My Hand")

Marilyn DeFrange, originally from Kent Ohio, has been singing and writing music since childhood.
Her music can best be described as a semi-acoustic eclectic mix with a rhythm and blues influence. Marilyn‘s voice keeps a connection with the audience that runs the gambit from a delicate whisper to a full blown bluesy wail.

“Marilyn DeFrange's vocals are eerily flawless, with a rounded, deep warmth. This kind of intimacy is almost unnerving. It offers a rare openness of heart and a lack of cynicism that is extremely hard to get away with these days. But somehow, Marilyn DeFrange does, right under your nose.” — Bill Broun, Alternative Press and Publishers Weekly.

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A collection of single songs from Marilyn DeFrange
You Chose Me
Changeable Me
Tell Me The Truth
Hold My Hand

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