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Kerry Ballard is: I write all my own music and lyrics and use session musicians and various vocalists when recording.

Born in Evansville, Indiana in 1955, I began putting words with music and fooling around with a pawn shop guitar I bought with my first ever paycheck at 15 years old. I continued to play for my own enjoyment and never played with anyone or in front of anyone except for family and friends until 2 years ago while on a vacation trip with my brother and his family in Destin, Florida. I was sitting out on the balcony of the beach home we had rented, enjoying a warm evening breeze
writing a new song when all of a sudden I heard some people whooping it up and clapping for the song I was playing. It was only then that I decided to share some of the over 200 songs I had written over those many years. So, here I am with my first song recorded in a studio with the help of my new friends at Studio Pros out of California. All of my songs are original material that I write both the music and lyrics. Then I have session musicians and various vocalists lay down the recording tracks in the studio. I will have more single releases in the very near future......hope you enjoy!

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Gotta Get Some Love Going On

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