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Jim Burnevik


Jim Burnevik

Jim Burnevik is: Stacy Hogan...A Writer's Paradise

I’ve never had an imaginary friend. Instead I have an entire group called The Band In My Head. They have a full schedule, playing all the time. My songs begin there and then later are sent to a studio in Nashville to be produced by Stacy Hogan. I started seriously writing songs in 2011 at 60 years young. Since then my songs have been used on the Lifetime , the CW, USA, the Tennis Channel, GAC, TLC, Oxygen, Nat Geo, NBC and other networks, and recently on CBS's NCIS. Three of my favorite songs are co-published with Trio Productions in Nashville. Its been a good start. Hopefully I keep it rolling.

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A collection of single songs from Jim Burnevik
Ain't No Surrender In Me
I Am Only Human
Turn Things Around
Blue Sky Morning

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