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Jeff Burger

Jeff Burger

Jeff Burger is: Jeff Burger, Songwriter/Producer

Music industry veteran Jeff Burger is an ASCAP songwriter and multimedia artist/producer focused primarily on creating musical experiences with commercial viability and/or social consciousness. While loosely working in the pop vein, he is somewhat of a musical chameleon with the ability to write and produce in a wide variety of styles and influences as diverse as rock, jazz, electronica, new age and country. In all cases, his works focus on solid storytelling combined with memorable hooks.

While Burger sometimes performs all the tracks himself, he is also known to bring other talent into the studio depending upon what’s best for a given song. As a long-time music technologist, he has also written numerous books on the subject, consulted with prominent music gear manufacturers, and served in editorial capacities for magazines including Electronic Musician, Keyboard, Mix and Guitar Player.

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I Want to Spend Christmas with You (featuring Michael Civisca)

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