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Jason Montero

Jason Montero is:

A performing and recording artist who grew up in Central NJ on the sounds of the '70s & ’80s radio. He later migrated to the Finger Lakes region of New York where he taught himself guitar and began writing songs. Montero then re-located to Phoenix, AZ where he gradually worked his way into the club scene, performing alongside such bands as the Gin Blossoms and The Refreshments, and eventually began touring nationally. His original songs range from soulful to sardonic; his repertoire is like a tour of American musical history.

Jason Montero has played thousands of live shows at venues in more than 50 cities from coast to coast. He has recorded numerous CDs of original music and collaborated with scores of other independent artists.


'I’ve spent the better part of the last 15 years pinballing around different regions of this beautiful, remarkable country. A lot of nights, I’m the guy bringing the songs. I’ve played with friends and strangers, brothers and sisters, lost souls and wild cats, journey-men and school-boys, and I've played alone… tucked away in corners or up on stages in theaters and dives and music clubs, in bars so filled with smoke you could hardly recognize a true fire.

And people hear you or they don’t, and they usually let you know either way – and they come with their stories, and their critiques, and their requests, and sometimes they tell you you’re living the dream; and sometimes, too, you can see that you’ve made a connection. Making music isn’t really something you do, it’s something you are. When in doubt just be yourself. See you out there.’

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A collection of single songs from Jason Montero
Out Of My Tree
Closing Rhyme
Man With Wings
Lawrence Frog



Released: Oct, 09 2017

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