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I'm a songwriter, arranger, producer with my first love being the drums. It was drumming, and playing to the needs of a song that guided my instincts as a producer. Writing and collaborating is inspiring. But taking raw pieces of music, refining and fitting them together as a production is my passion.

Both my writing and production style are openly influenced by all past and present genres. Editing is the closest I'll ever be to a surgeon, yet another part of the recording process I indulge in.

I'm blessed to be surrounded by an array of talented musicians I interchangeably partner with, depending on the needs of the song I'm either producing or writing.

I appreciate the opportunity to join the Outbound roster of talented song writers and bands.
Wishes to all for successful and bountiful careers!

Michael Jacovini

Outbound Song Listing:
GOSPEL/POP/SOUL: “It’s About Hope” is gospel infused pop, used in 2017
to help drive donations for Red Nose Day, features performances by the Broadway Inspirational Vocalists.

ADULT CONTEMPORARY: "Driftin" Is sultry adult pop in the vein of Sade. Ideal as part of an easy listening mix or film/commercial placement for a lounge, boating, or bar scene

ROCK INSTRUMENTAL: “Hitman” An instrumental crescendo as a backdrop
to sports, action, or chase scene

FOLK POP: “Where I Went Wrong” A Bob Dylan-ish folk/pop song,
lyrically visual, sweet production, ideal movie credits track

CLASSIC ROCK POP: “When You Fall In Love Again” Lyrically visual Lou
Reed influenced vocal, also ideal for movie credits track

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http://facebook.com/michael jacovini

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A collection of single songs from Jaco
It's About Hope
Where I Went Wrong
When You Fall In Love Again

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