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Echodrift is: Ante Novaselic-Guitar & Vocals, Sime Katacic- Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Jon Poli- Drums & Percussion

echodrift- BIO

With a nod to the past and a look into the future, echodrift has managed to create an eclectic blend of original music. Adept at funky, psychadelic rock tunes as well as pristine moody ballads the band draws it's inspiration from a wide variety of influences including Rock ( psychadelic & just a little touch of progressive ). Funk, Jazz, Blues, Croatian Folk & Pop ) Members: -Ante Novaselic: Vocals,Guitars,Producer,Songwriter,Engineer

-Sam Katacic: Bass, Acoustic Guitar,Songwriter,Producer,Engineer

-Jon Poli: Drums & All Percussion, Backing Vocals, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer

Ante Novaselic previously lived and worked in Europe (Zadar, Croatia) where he made a living from music doing session work when & wherever his skills were needed. As well as touring with some of the biggest bands and solo artists in Croatia. Ante toured with the lead singer of the very popular and successful pop band "Magazin" The talented Liliana Nikoloska while in Croatia and did two U.S. tours with her as well. Ante was also a frequent sub guitar player & back up singer for the very popular pop/rock band "Forum."
In the early 90's the infamous war in the Balkans began & forced Ante to flee the country during a intense assault on his beloved hometown Zadar which is on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia
Upon his return back to the U.S, and with the sounds of sirens, explosions, bursts of gunfire and the sounds of terrified people still fresh & ringing in his ears Ante quickly got in touch with old pals Bass player Sam Katacic & Percussionist Jon Poli to discuss music and propose a idea for a band he has been kicking around his head for several years. The band he envisioned was echodrift. A atmospheric rock band with funky rhythms and jazzy pop chord progressions with a affinity for acoustic instruments and dreamy vocals and harmonies. A three piece band with the beating heart of a orchestral choir. So with the help of some talented friends & family members echodrift went into several studios to capture different sounds and vibes and ultimately the bands first album 'MyMoon' was released..... Selling both cassettes & Cd's of MyMoon before & after gigs and just about anywhere else they could. Over the course of 12 months the band collectively sold almost 1500 cassettes & almost 9000 CD's of their first album. They also landed a string of opening act gigs in the Los Angeles,San Francisco & San Diego areas. Opening up for their Idols Masters of Reality(with Ginger Baker on Drums). And underground cult bands like Tito and the Tarantulas, Mike Watt & The Second Men, Eye's Adrift, Ozomatli & Flipper to name a few.

Recently the music of echodrift has been showing up on various compilation cd's. And since the summer of 2014-present day echodrift's music has been getting steady airplay both on terrestrial & Internet radio and on a Top 40 during the day/Alternative after 6pm radio station in Croatia with fans requesting the music of echodrift on a regular basis. -March 2016 their song S.O.L won the Broadjam.com song of the month contest for the month of March -April 2016-Their song S.O.L got a publishing deal with Top 10 Music -July 2016 - Their songs: Salt & Pepper Shaker,if & when & Yesterday were signed to publishing deals with Chris Bell Publishing

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A collection of single songs from Echodrift
If & When
Yesterday (You Didn't Have Much To Say)
Bad Dream
Set Me Free

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