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Different Moon was founded in 2015 by North Carolina songwriter Jim Piper. Learning piano in the 80’s, Piper found a creative outlet and connection to songwriting. During this time he also became friends with a fellow songwriter, Mike Smith. Over the next 20 years, they co-wrote 50 songs together. When Smith passed away at the early age of 37, Piper wanted to pay homage to his friend by introducing five of their songs to the public with the 2015 debut EP “Desert Rain”. It was at that time Different Moon was founded, a name taken from a song co-written by Smith and Piper.

Three of the five songs from the “Desert Rain” EP received international songwriting accolades. Encouraged by the songwriting honors and support from new fans enjoying the music, Piper decided to continue writing and releasing new songs as Different Moon. From 2016-2018, Piper released two additional EP’s, along with several singles. While the music of Different Moon continues to evolve, its foundation is a blend of alternative, classic, and adult contemporary rock melodically crafted together.

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A collection of single songs from Different Moon
Christmas Time (Light of Peace)
Two Halves Broken
Without You
Best in Me
Call My Name
Time Stand Still

Edge of Invisibility

Edge of Invisibility

Released: Jun, 09 2017

Under the Shadow
A Face in the Crowd
Turning Point

June 2018 SongwriterUniverse magazine:
-"Two Halves Broken" - Top 5 Best Songs of the Month

2017 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition:
-"Turning Point" - Finalist
-"A Face in the Crowd" - Honorable Mention

2017 UK International Songwriting Competition:
-"Run" - Finalist
-"Turning Point", "A Face in the Crowd", "Under the Shadow" - Semi-Finalist

2017 ISC International Songwriting Competition:
-"Under the Shadow" - Semi-Finalist

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