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David Rector is: David Rector

David Rector is the Crowned Prince of Nu Soul. David works to perfect that blend of classic R&B with today's sounds and beats. David's live performance meets and exceeds the recorded tracks. There's no auto-tune here, there's no need. David's music will make you want to open the sun roof, open with windows and drop the top of your convertible as soon as you start playing a track. In the winter time David's music will calm you, as well as make you fall in love over and over again.

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A collection of single songs from David Rector
Best of My Love
Don't Forget to Remember
I'm Doing Better
I'm Glad
Just Wait and See
My Heart Belongs to You
You're the Only One For Me

I'm Glad and You're the Only One For Me will be included in movies.

David's music has been added to one of the greatest music outlets, Outbound Music.

David concluded a weekend of performances in Atlanta the week of 12/01/2017. David will provide music for a private party on the 8th for one of the largest chambers of commerce in the world.

Mr. Rector has amassed more than 45,000 Radio Airplay fans.

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