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CodeSwitcher was formed to bring together musicians and singers for specific projects. We have more than 1500 songs in our catalog, and these cover an astonishing variety of styles. We are able to be this prolific because of our flexibility in choosing players. This one knows country, that one understands pop, here is a rock guitarist .

Our songs are playing throughout Europe, Africa, the Netherlands, and the U.S. Songs have been licensed for motion pictures (Latest: Milk and Honey), as well as advertising, television, and internet usage. We have had a number one hit, "Angel Things."

With more than 30 years in the music business as a publisher, producer. and composer, Kevin Johnston guides CodeSwitcher in its never-ending mission to spread songs across the world.

Code switching means speaking to different people in their own language patterns, so they can understand you. That is what we do.

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A collection of single songs from CodeSwitcher
Quit Your Whinin' and Rise Up Shinin'
Same Scene, Take Two
Ninety-nine Heartaches to Go
Make This Our Best Christmas
This Is Not a Song
Dinah Might
Love Me Home
Soul Kisses (Smokey)
I Cry Your Name
I'm Flying
I'm Flying (up 2-8)
I'm Flying (Best)
This Is Your Moment
No One Ever Said
Ninety-nine Heartaches
Somebody Up There Likes Me
That Girl is Me
Angel Things
Head Over Heels and Homeward Bound
The Best Christmas Gift is Your Heart
This Christmas I Got You Me

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