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This album is a selection of songs I composed and recorded between 1991 and 2018.They were recorded in Calgary, Canada and Costa Rica with the New Internationalists, Anestesia Local and for solo and film projects.

Thanks to a grant from the Alberta Council for the Arts, All Just One, Never Believe and You'll Never Know were recorded in 1991 during the heyday of the New Internationalists. While playing the campus and festival circuit we opened concerts for bands such as Frozen Ghost,Harlequin, Meatloaf, the Pursuit of Happiness,The London Quireboys and the Wailers. During breaks from the recording sessions we watched on the TV news as the Soviet Union crumbled. Many of the songs in this collection reflect the peril and uncertainty of the times they were released. The songs Bad Dream and One of Them were written in the backdrop of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. The bad dream inspired by that invasion evolved into the ongoing nightmare being lived today by so many displaced people.

Song number 3 is an acoustic version of Prisoner. Its a song that holds a lot of personal meaning and memories for me and became an anthem for the campaign I organized to improve prison conditions for children and women on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Prisoner got enough radio airplay in Australia to allow me to do a solo tour of that beautiful country and perform in some of the same venues that my heroes Midnight Oil performed in when they were on their way up.

As I write this note in February 2018 our species is on the threshold of colonizing new worlds but our planet seems to be on the brink of collapse.Perhaps we are really on the brink of a New Enlightenment. The song Better Side from the film Odyssey 2050 film proposes that we hold ourselves to a higher standard and listen to that inner voice that urges us to do good. Naive and not very original I know but its a nice idea and it worked well in my shows in planetariums.

Will our home planet and our species survive global climate change? Some of us will for sure. My newest song Take Me Home ponders where and what home really means. I get a lot of inspiration from the scientists, engineers and astronauts at NASA and other space agencies who keep trying to point our species in the right direction. Many citizens of my adopted country Costa Rica have made important contributions at NASA and the future looks bright for the next generation to follow in their footsteps.

I want to thank all the musicians who played on these tracks and everyone who supported us in so many different ways. These songs helped me keep my focus and my eyes on the horizon these past 3 turbulent decades. I hope you will enjoy them. The sun is always gonna be shining somewhere.

Bruce Callow
February 2018

Essential Bruce Callow

Essential Bruce Callow

Released: Feb, 22 2018

Take Me Home
One of Them
She Can't Forget
You'll Never Know
All Just One
Nuclear Man
Sun is Shining
Bad Dream
Waiting for December
Never Believe
Better Side
I Believe in You

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