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Andrea Murrell

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These Promises Are For Keeps © 1994
Step Into The Fire © 1996
From Glory To Glory (c) 2002
What About Joseph (c) 1995
Just Stay Close To The Heart Of God ©1987
Love Walks Through The Rain, © 2015
Good Morning Jesus © 1996


Love Walks Through The Rain ©2014- Feb 2017 Permanently placed on Broadjam dot COM Country Contemporary Top 10 List @ Number 6, The Mighty Rushing Wind© 2015. Contemporary Gospel Top 10 List @ number 10. Both Songs are featured on Broadjam dot com received 5 Star ratings from Mr. Ionut Udrea, World renowned classical composer - Australia.

Good Morning Jesus (c) 1996 -Aug 26, 2017-Broadjam.com listed as number 6 on Top 10 Unique Gospel Category: Producer Jeff Nelson, 3J Cord Productions, Nashville, TN
Recipient of Poetry Editors Choice Award since 2005
Society of International Poetry, Owings Mills, MD
Certificate of Achievement In Poetry – Eber Wein Publishers, New Freedom, PA

Self Published Poetry - Amazon KDP Publishing
The Whisperer© 2017, A Work Progress © 2017,
A Tender Heart With Love Through Adversity©2018

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And This Is Jesus

And This Is Jesus

Released: Aug, 24 2018

Includes the songs Glory to Glory, The Mighty Rushing Wind, Love Walks Through The Rain, and What About Joseph. Good Morning Jesus copyright Andrea Murrell
Glory to Glory
The Mighty Rushing Wind
Good Morning Jesus
Love Walks Through The Rain
What About Joseph

Jan 5, 2019, Here is my new video for my song Glory to Glory (c) 2002. This song is also on my Album And This is Jesus. Jesus faced challenges too but he overcame them. WE can be victorious too. We have a living power source n the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in daily living. Tap into that living power! Here is my youtube link on my channel. Enjoy and be blessed.

The Christmas season quickly approaching and one of the unsung heroes is Joseph. Imagine your fiance telling you that she is expecting a child from God, nonetheless, and you are expected to believe that!
Yes, Joseph did just that. God spoke to him in a dream and assured this great man of good character and conduct that this was true. Joseph trusted the Lord and he chose not to act violently towards Mary or publicly humiliate her. What a hero. We all face stressful situations but the choices and decision we make in how to handle him have enormous consequences that last a lifetime.

Here is the link location of this powerful video What About Joseph

you tube video for Good Morning Jesus https://youtu.be/IUl3HchNmGo

you tube video The Mighty Rushing Wind

you tube video Love Walks Through The Rain https://youtu.be/CN-i6kdo3SI

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