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I've been writing songs for over 50 years now and signed my first publishing deal in 1965 (Golden Dawn - contracted to The Shadows but never released). I start off simple and sometimes, after a while, I feel things getting too complex and take some time off to get back to basics.

Mostly, my music lies somewhere between 'country' and 'rock'. I had English people telling me I wrote country music and Americans saying that I didn't! For that reason, I've had some of my songs recorded in Nashville and now they ARE country.

GULLIVER was originally the professional name I used when working solo.

I haven't performed in public for some time, but I've never stopped writing, and these days spend a lot of my time in my home studio working on new material, or constantly revisiting the older recordings, looking for ways to improve them.

In the last couple of years I've had nine songs published with record libraries, including 4 written and recorded in the mid-60, that have been gathering dust for over 50 years. They can't be on this site as the company has paid me for exclusivity.

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Hello Ft. Mike Lusk
When did you know? Ft Mike Lusk
Lonely Game Ft mike Lusk
Nightmare Ft Mike Lusk
Face of an Angel/with Darren Gibbons/Ft Jason Eustice
Some Good News Would Be Nice Ft. Mike Lusk
Dirty Game Ft. David Hall
Don't Ft. Mike Lusk
Photographs, Memories and Ruby Red Wine Ft. Mike Lusk
Questions Ft. Morgan Ridgely
Thank you for loving me Ft Mike Lusk

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