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Who we are

Since 2001, OutboundMusic has sought out great songs and has established partnerships with the creators and performers of those songs. OutboundMusic promotes that music primarily through its online radio stations. These radio stations are like no other stations. The first thing that sets them apart is the underlying business model. Unlike the traditional business model for radio, OutboundMusic steers away from the licensing agencies in favor of partnering directly with the creators and performers of music. OutboundMusic artist and label partners receive 85% of the radio-generated advertising revenue. This makes the artists and labels, collectively, the majority partner of OutboundMusic. In contrast, other internet radio stations pay perhaps up to 60% or 70% of their revenue to the licensing agencies who then distribute that revenue, less the agencies’ fees, to the owners of music. Not being bound to licensing restrictions also means that OutboundMusic is able to broadcast worldwide. Another thing that sets OutboundMusic internet radio apart from other online radio stations is that only songs by OutboundMusic partner artists and labels are in rotation. While many of these songs are also being aired on traditional internet radio stations, they are not receiving the high rotation they receive on OutboundMusic internet radio.

OutboundMusic also offers online distribution. Digital and physical music as well as band merchandise may be sold in an OutboundMusic artist’s store. Artists receive 85% of the retail price from those sales. OutboundMusic covers the credit card processing fees.

Besides radio broadcast and distribution, OutboundMusic partners may also benefit from other services offered. OutboundMusic’s publishing companies have successfully placed numerous songs with recording artists. Artist and label partners are invited to have their songs considered for such opportunities as well as opportunities for film/tv song placement.

Our Team

Al and Courtney Delaney founded in 2001. In addition to numerous volunteers, the OutboundMusic US team consists of Courtney Delaney – President, Al Delaney – Vice President and Director of New Technology, Abdelhak Bensaoula – Technology Coordinator, Salah Naoum – Programming and software development, Mary Jane Hancock – Legal and Research, Sean Delaney – General Manager and Robert Delaney – Analytics.