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If you are a record label looking for a better way to promote your music, we would like to consider a partnership with you. Outbound Music currently partners with numerous independent record labels. We would be happy to review your record label's catalog for possible inclusion in our roster.

Outbound Music is quite selective when it comes to its partners. Please Click here to learn more about what we are looking for.

If accepted, your label would have its own Outbound Music page listing all your artists, and each of your artists will have an artist page. Outbound Music can promote your music on its internet radio stations and provide online distribution for your music and merchandise. Of all music promotion companies, Outbound Music is the most artist-friendly. The owners of the music we broadcast share 85% of the radio-generated ad revenue. Additionally, our label-partners receive 85% of the retail price from sales of music and merchandise through their Outbound Music store. Outbound Music covers the credit card processing fees.

Radio promotion is only phase one of Outbound Music's plan. We plan to develop a worldwide booking service and music licensing service in the future.

There is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $10.00 for your record label submission/membership request. Beyond that, there are no fees. We believe the privilege of dealing only in quality music is compensation enough to offset the work we do for our artists and record labels.

To submit your record label for consideration, you will first need to register. Once you are registered, select "Add Account" from the "Commercial Accounts" menu then complete and submit the "Label Account" form. You should hear back from us within one week.

Thanks for visiting our site and considering using us to help promote your music.

Al Delaney ~ OutboundMusic.com


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